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Inspiration for the Nation with Yaakov Langer

Nov 5, 2022

Rabbi Menachem Penner is the Max and Marion Grill Dean of Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva University where he has the privilege to inspire and train the rabbis of tomorrow. Rabbi Penner served as the spiritual leader of the Young Israel of Holliswood in Queens for 20 years and is now the Rabbi Emeritus. He continues to teach, focusing on Tanach, Tefillah and Machshavah, in communities worldwide. Rabbi Penner is also a valued resource for many in the Jewish community navigating personal and family challenges.  He received his semicha from RIETS and is proud to serve the institution from which he received his formative education.
Rebbetzin Adeena Penner is the Director of Kesher Families, a new organization supporting families of an individual who identifies as LGBTQ. She holds a Bachelors’ Degree in psychology from Stern College for Women and a Masters’ Degree in Occupational Therapy from New York University. She worked for fifteen years in the field of occupational therapy at the Board of Education of New York, the Chush School in Williamsburg, and Camp HASC. She served as the Rebbetzin of the Young Israel of Holliswood for twenty years and continues to maintain her ties to, and involvement in, the community. Adeena is a valued resource for many in the Jewish community navigating personal and family challenges.
Their life consists of many unplanned surprises along the way. In this episode we talk about what it's like being a Rabbi & Rebbetzin of a community, their experience in Camp Hasc, raising a child with special needs and so much more. 
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This episode is in memory of:

• Shimon Dovid ben Yaakov Shloima

• Miriam Sarah bas Yaakov Moshe
Special thanks to Camp HASC, Rav Judah Mischel, Sklur & Rudman, and all the wonderful volunteers & campers at Camp Hasc for graciously welcoming me into their home.

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