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Simply Sermons Podcast

May 10, 2022

In the third sermon of our “Lead with Love'' series, Pastor Clayton continues revealing lessons we can learn from the teachings in 1 John. He starts by describing what it is to truly be a child of God. To be called a child of God means we belong to a holy family where our actions reflect our family values. God continually emphasizes that loving one another is the greatest value we can keep to honor him. Next, we learn what it means to be sacrificial in our love. As Jesus sacrificed and emptied himself so that we might be fulfilled, we are called to not be egocentric in our world view, but instead to hold Christ at our center. In a world that feels constantly divided and divisive, we can do this by aligning the desires of our hearts with those of God and treating others with love, kindness, and compassion in every situation. Lastly, we learn that if we believe we are children of God, and that we want Christ at the center of our lives, we must put those beliefs into action. Our words of belief are empty without the action to prove them. We encourage you to think on the lessons of 1 John this week and consider if your actions reflect your beliefs.