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Simply Sermons Podcast

May 24, 2022

In the fifth sermon of our “Lead with Love'' series, Pastor Clayton describes how people often work hard towards an earthly goal to instill meaning or purpose in their lives. Some may put all their faith in accruing large amounts of wealth or amassing a huge collection of “things" to assign meaning in their lives. This is not to diminish working hard to provide for your family or achieving goals for personal satisfaction, etc. It's only to say that once the lofty goals are reached, people may not always feel the happiness or meaning they thought these achievements would bring. When we put value on gaining “things'' instead of focusing on what kind of people are behind the accolades, we can end up feeling empty and unfulfilled. 1 John reminds us of the heavenly goals we are called to work towards during our life on earth: to receive love and to give love. By loving our neighbors as we love ourselves, we work on our hearts instead of our trophy cases. The conclusion of our sermon series distills 1 John into these words, "Love is the key".