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Mom Essentials

Jul 8, 2022

Parenting a sensitive child can be challenging at times. And when you are a sensitive mama, you must find a way to stand in your own truth and find the right journey for your family. 

Tune into this episode to hear the story of Heather Nardi's journey through parenting a child who opted to take a more holistic approach to her mental health and learn the steps they took so their whole family could thrive. 

Author, speaker, coach, and Empath Mama, Heather dedicates her career to supporting highly sensitive and empath moms in living healthy, empowered lives.

She draws from her extensive education as a Holistic Life Coach and spiritual practitioner to create specialized tools and programs for sensitive mothers. Her writing has appeared in The Highly Sensitive Refuge, Thrive Global, The Authority Magazine, Elephant Journal, and Medium. And she is the author of "The Sensitive Ones". 

To learn more about Heather or to get in touch, please use the following links:

Buy "The Sensitive Ones: Healing and Understanding Your Child's Mental Health" Here