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Mom Essentials

Jun 24, 2022

As a parent, you know that traveling with children is a whole different kind of vacation. And if you have a child on the spectrum and/or with invisible disabilities it can add extra challenges.

Our guest today, Dawn M. Barclay provides numerous tips on how to make any vacation a wonderful experience for the whole family.

Dawn is an award-winning author who has spent a career working in different aspects of the travel industry. 

She started as an agent with her parents’ firms, Barclay Travel Ltd and Barclay International Group Short-Term Apartment Rentals, and then branched out into travel trade reporting with senior or contributing editor positions at Travel Agent Magazine, Travel Life, Travel Market Report, and most recently, Insider Travel Report. 

She is a mother of two and resides in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley. She also writes fiction as D.M. Barr and holds leadership roles in several writer organizations.

To learn more about Dawn or to get in touch, please use the following links:

Visit her blog and pre-order her book (releasing on August 15th) on her website: