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Mom Essentials

Jul 12, 2024

We are really good at telling ourselves stories, but we need to look at them and ask, "Is this story serving me?" 

In this episode, I sit down with Chris Templeton, founder of Oh! The Stories We Tell. Chris shares his insights on how the stories we tell ourselves shape our parenting and personal lives.

Discover how to...

Jul 5, 2024

You may never feel like you are ready for parenthood, but my guest today, Dr. Stephanie Dueger, is here to help!

Stephanie, author and psychotherapist, delves into the essential conversations couples need before stepping into parenthood. With expertise in nurturing expectant and new parents, Dr. Dueger shares invaluable...

Jun 28, 2024

No one gets married in hopes of getting divorced, but it’s something that happens sometimes. And when you are navigating divorce, 80% of it is emotional.

Christin Becker, a divorce recovery coach, shares her personal story of resilience and transformation after a 27-year marriage. Discover how Christin reinvented her...

Jun 21, 2024

Do you wake up stressed out?

If the answer is yes, know you are not alone! Luckily on this episode, I am joined by Rachel Posner, a yoga therapist and mindfulness coach dedicated to helping clients thrive amidst stress.

Rachel shares her unique perspective on utilizing a mind-body-brain approach to enhance wellness,...

Jun 14, 2024

How is your relationship with money?

Marin Laukka, a triple-certified life, budget coach, and yoga instructor, and I talk about how we can change how we think about wealth.

Discover how to shift your financial perspective and mend your relationship with money through actionable practices that blend mindset and...