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Mom Essentials

Dec 16, 2022

We are all familiar with the term “anxiety.” Perhaps you or your children deal with it on a daily basis.

Today’s guest, Laura Reardon, joins me to talk about the good and bad of anxiety; what it can teach us and how to avoid getting stuck in the cycle of it. We also cover how this shows up in our bodies and why.

Laura is a certified Child Behavior Specialist, trained as an Emotion Coach, Childhood Anxiety Coach, Parent Coach, and the founder of Laura Reardon Coaching. Laura helps parents who feel frustrated, worried, and unsure how to respond when their kid reacts to their big emotions, like anger and anxiety, and their big behaviors, like lashing out and shutting down.

Laura coaches parents who feel like they’ve tried everything by creating Personalized Parenting Plans.

Laura’s intention is to create more peace in our world, one family at a time.

To get in touch with Laura, check out the following link:

Listen to the “Mini Tools” episode to learn more about the window of tolerance here: