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Set For Sentencing

Nov 13, 2023

Three lawyers (so far) have plead guilty in the Georgia State RICO case.   I had so many questions about what these pleas and sentencings really meant - for the lawyers who entered them, the remaining defendants, and the pending federal matters. 

But, I don't practice in Georgia state court.  

Therefore, I put out the "bat signal" on the NACDL listserve and found two wonderful lawyers to help us break it all down:  Thomas Church & Jeff Brickman.




  • First Offender Act sentencings in Georgia;
  • Consequences for violating these agreements;
  • Remorse, acceptance, and letters of apology;
  • Significant differences between state and federal diversion pleas;
  • The efficacy of pleading in GA, when they still likely face federal charges;
  • The possibilty of deals being already in place with Jack Smith (i.e. "global resolution");
  • The beef over Jenna’s legal fees;
  • Predictions for what comes next.