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Grit & Glory, Songs & Stories

Nov 28, 2023

Dan Miller, best-selling author of 48 Days to the Work and Life You Love and founder of the 48 Days Eagles Community joins Mark to discuss the song Fly with the Eagles and many other interesting stories.

FEATURED SONG: Fly with the Eagles


Mark and Cindy have benefited greatly from being part of Dan Miller’s 48 Days Eagles Community. Dan says that songs unite and bond people in a way nothing else can. That’s why he plays Mark’s custom song, Fly with the Eagles, at his weekly meetings and events. Visit Dan’s website to learn more about Dan’s books, assessments, podcasts and more! 


  • About Mark 

  • Mark’s Recovery Story 

  • Christian Men’s Mastermind - A mastermind is simply a group of people with similar goals and challenges who rely on each other for accountability, advice, and support. Mark facilitates weekly, 1-hour meetings characterized by sharing life and drawing upon the collective wisdom and experience of the group. The goal is to energize, encourage and pray for each other while training in our God-given identities. This may be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in yourself. Explore more 

  • Custom Song - Mark and his wife, Cindy, empower individuals and businesses to express their unique messages in the form of a custom-crafted song.  Hear Samples 

  • More Music - Find Mark’s music on your favorite music app  or in his Song Library. CDs are also available.  


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