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Jul 5, 2022

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This week’s story is meant to help you anticipate the sweetness of life if you just keep hanging in there, giving God time and space to work in your life and relationships. I’ll also introduce you to my wife, Cindy, and the song she inspired called, My Lady.

First let’s start with guitars. I own 2 Taylor guitars. The thing about owning a really nice guitar is after you’ve had them for some time, they seem to get sweeter and sweeter and their sound gets warmer, richer and more inviting. This is also true of other instruments.

 I’ve had one of my Taylor guitars for about 22 years now. I absolutely love it.  And the sound has gotten more incredible as the years go by.

That’s been the way it has been with me and Cindy. As the years go by, she just gets sweeter and sweeter. And I’m blown away to think that I have been married to this incredible woman for going on 41 years this June.

As I share the story of today’s featured song, My Lady, I hope you’ll be inspired to take a different look at your life, your spouse (if you have one) and what sweetness God has for you as you keep on growing.

Cindy and I got married when we were 19 and 21 years old. Needless to say, we both were quite immature and sometimes fought over very silly things. Thankfully we both loved Jesus and had great peer pressure to work things out.

It wasn’t long before we had kids, grown up jobs and big life decisions. We didn’t know what we didn’t know - which was - that we both had hurts and hang-ups that impacted our relationship and that would knock us down in the near future. We loved each other as best we knew how and continued to grow little by little.

Even as believers who loved God, we experienced disappointments, betrayals, heartbreaks, mental and physical breakdowns, financial challenges, trouble with kids, uncertainties with parents and so many “normal” but horrible things that seemed to push us apart but pull us together all at the same time. We loved each other as best we knew how and continued to grow a little at a time.

I’ve always appreciated Cindy and her support but one night, while sitting at her father’s deathbed, I had a moment of amazing clarity and sweetness which inspired the song, My Lady.

She left the room to take a break for a few minutes. As I watched her, I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude for her as my wife and for her selfless acts of kindness for her dad and for me and for anybody she comes in contact with.

Words came to me very very quickly so I started to talk-texting as fast as I could. There was no melody yet, just words.

It was as if the years flashed before me and these words were the culmination of years of struggle and growth together, sweeter than anything we’d experienced so far in our marriage.

Aside from my relationship with Jesus, she is truly the most remarkable relationship that I have ever had in my life! I’m so so grateful. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for me and honestly, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

We are doing something together now that we did NOT do early on in marriage and I want to share it with you so you don’t miss out.

We make the time virtually every morning just to talk about what God is doing in our lives and to pray together for the day. That has been one of the most impacting things that we have ever done. This has brought us even closer and closer together.

This next part is no judgment on anybody else, no condemnation whatsoever. I realize that there are many people, many couples out there, that don’t pray together on a regular basis. I realize it may feel awkward. I would say just start with a quick prayer in the morning and then build on that. This is something that you will never regret and you’ll be surprised at how much you grow together as a couple.

Remember that “music makes stuff stick”! So guys, use songs like My Lady to help you appreciate your wife, to soften your heart towards her. And gals, use songs like My Lady to bring out the very best in you.

Hey, as we wrap things up here, I invite you to listen to My Lady on your favorite streaming platform or at  And let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you. Just send an email to

Don’t forget to join us next week when you’ll hear from Cindy about one of the songs we wrote together during a particularly tough time in her life. It might just be what you need to stand strong when you’re going through a tough time.