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Grit & Glory, Songs & Stories

Jan 24, 2023

God still speaks in the garden! Jeff Beaufoy joins me today to share some of his God-stories that will grab your attention and build your faith.

Without intentionality, it’s easy to fall prey to idols, like you’ll hear about today. Music is a powerful tool to safeguard your heart. 

That’s why God has me on this journey of writing truth-filled songs – for your encouragement and benefit.

I invite you to visit the listening room on to experience these songs in a number of ways and to pass them along to others as well!


Why is it important to tell God stories? There are so many reasons but Jesus explained it best when He was asked about using so many parables. He said, “I tell stories, to create readiness, to nudge people toward receptive insight.” (That’s taken from Matthew 13 Message version). I’ve experienced God’s amazing work in my life through Jesus Christ and I’m passionate about others experiencing this joy and peace as well! ~Mark


Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who’s special AND hard to buy for? Over the years I have enjoyed writing a variety of custom songs such as theme songs and songs that celebrate or commemorate. I have written for businesses, non-profits, individuals, events and occasions. I'm excited to take these experiences and make this special type of gift more readily available. Click here to learn more>>>


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