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Grit & Glory, Songs & Stories

Aug 22, 2023

Join Larry Tribble and Mark for uplifting stories of good churches, good pastors and a beautiful adoption experience. Larry also shares his passion to help people “do busy right” so they can stay close to God and experience peace. 

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Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who’s special AND hard to buy for? Over the years I have enjoyed writing a variety of custom songs such as theme songs and songs that celebrate or commemorate. I have written for businesses, non-profits, individuals, events and occasions. I'm excited to take these experiences and make this special type of gift more readily available. Click here to learn more>>>



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You might be one connection away from thriving in the identity God has for you. Over the years as a pastor, Mark learned a lot about relationships and the benefit of strategic connections with others. Today he helps Christian men overcome anxiety, stress and toxic culture to dive into the identity of the man God created them to be…together…in a “pack”.

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