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Someone Like You

Jun 1, 2022

In this week’s episode, Marco Pimentel welcomes Ann Radil, Head of Carbon Reduction at Neutral, an ex-NASA funded scientist and fifth generation rancher who is incredibly passionate about climate-friendly initiatives. Neutral is the first carbon food neutral company in the United States on a mission to radically reduce the carbon footprint of agriculture, starting with dairy farming. Neutral milk is certified carbon neutral, pasture-raised on family farms, certified organic with no GMOS, no synthetic hormones, no toxic pesticides, and no antibiotics. Neutral works with farmers on new innovative research projects that help to reduce the amount of carbon that is released through sequestration, regenerative farming practices, manure management and the change in the cows’ diet. Neutral is fortunate enough to have received funds from Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Mark Cuban, Lebron James, musician John Legend, and more.

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