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Someone Like You

Nov 29, 2023

Did you know that over a billion people rely on our oceans as their primary food source? However, our sea life is in danger due to overfishing, pollution, and harmful fish farming practices. In this episode, Kirk Havercroft, the CEO of Sustainable Blue, sheds light on the critical challenges threatening our oceanic ecosystems and his company's groundbreaking solutions.

Based in Nova Scotia, Sustainable Blue is on a mission to change the game in how we raise Atlantic salmon. Since 2007, they've been using a special fish farming system that doesn’t harm the environment and ensures their salmon are raised without any escape, antibiotics, growth hormones, or waste. They have been supplying local restaurants and stores for over ten years.

With his project management and accounting background, Kirk leads a team that’s making a big difference. They've expanded their impact in Canada and are taking their eco-friendly farming practices to the United States.

Join us as we chat with Kirk and explore how Sustainable Blue is not just about raising great salmon but also about leading the way in keeping our oceans healthy while providing sustainable and delicious food for everyone.

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