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Someone Like You

Dec 13, 2023

Global energy-related CO2 emissions surged to a record high in 2022, marking a concerning milestone in our collective carbon footprint. In this episode, Robert Murphy, CEO of Othersphere, joins us to discuss the pressing need to accelerate sustainable infrastructure deployment amid these increasing emissions. 

Robert's extensive background — from global organizations like the World Bank, Enbridge, and Chevron to tech startups such as Aclima — has positioned him as a visionary leader in this domain. He delves into Othersphere's mission, a spatial computation platform revolutionizing the identification of optimal sites for zero to low greenhouse gas infrastructure, with an initial focus on the pivotal role of hydrogen. 

Drawing from his experience, Robert shares how Othersphere's spatial economics platform empowers project developers, operators, and financiers to expedite deploying more environmentally beneficial projects, streamlining team efforts, origination, and diligence while enhancing stakeholder alignment.

In this conversation, Marco and Robert explore the innovative strides Othersphere is making to reshape our approach to sustainable infrastructure, mitigating carbon impact and propelling the world towards a more eco-friendly future.

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