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Someone Like You

Nov 2, 2022

In this week’s episode, we welcome Mellisa Mills, Founder, and CEO of Spread’Em Kitchen. The Vancouver-based food company makes tasty nut based dairy-alternatives like cheeze, spreads, dips, and butter with an aim to challenge the corporate-dominated food system by offering nourishing, satisfying plant-based dairy alternatives made from ethically-sourced whole ingredients. And that’s not all — a portion of Spread’Em Kitchen profits are returned to the community in the form of healthy eating education for kids and supporting families. In its humble beginnings, Mellisa could be found selling out of her famous dips at farmers’ markets. Eventually, with $500 and a cargo bike, Mellisa took her business to the next level and started selling her products to stores. Spread’Em Kitchen has now flourished into one of the most prevalent plant-based food businesses with over one million units sold in Canada.
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