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Someone Like You

Mar 22, 2023

The 7 billion dollar energy market remained undisrupted…until Mark Rabin, today’s guest, and founder and CVO of Portable Electric, came along. Mark founded Portable Electric in 2015 — a clean tech company that is kicking gas and diesel generators to the curb with their noise- and emissions-free portable power stations. A self-professed energy nerd, Mark started working on the oil rigs as a 20-something, and couldn’t wrap his head around the wasteful drilling industry. Soon after, he got chummy with books like « The End of Oil, » and subsequently dubbed the energy transition to be the single greatest opportunity for humanity to transform and build a greener future. Mark speaks with Marco on his humble beginnings in portable power systems in South Africa and Namibia, how Portable Electric made money from day one leasing equipment, and reasons the film industry became an early supporter of Portable Electric clean energy e-generators. Now available in 14 countries around the globe, with nearly 700 units in the field, Portable Electric is paving the way for the next generation of clean mobile power, and demonstrating that the future is electric and here to stay.

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