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Someone Like You

May 1, 2024

An enlightening conversation with Britt Wray, Author and Director of CIRCLE at Stanford Psychiatry, where we delve into her groundbreaking research and advocacy in the intersection of climate leadership, emotional well-being, and community resilience. 

Using her expertise in science communication, Britt Wray ignites meaningful action in a world grappling with climate change. From acclaimed books like Generation Dread to her podcast Gen Dread, she empowers individuals to confront climate grief and cultivate courage. 

Drawing from her multidisciplinary background, including a PhD in Science Communication, Britt illuminates innovative strategies to address the psychological toll of environmental degradation, such as the creation of CIRCLE at Stanford Psychiatry. As a distinguished speaker at TED and the World Economic Forum, she amplifies the urgency of climate action and advocates for inclusive, community-driven approaches. 

Britt Wray inspires a new generation of climate changemakers, envisioning a world where emotional well-being and environmental sustainability align seamlessly. Get inspired by Britt Wray's passion and commitment to make positive change.

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