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Someone Like You

Dec 14, 2022

In this week’s episode, we welcome Ben Nyland, President, and CEO at Loop Energy. Loop Energy is an industry-leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of hydrogen fuel cell systems to vehicle and power generation system manufacturers around the world. 
At Loop Energy, the mission is to accelerate the hydrogen revolution and power a cleaner future with their signature patented technology known as eFlow. eFlow ensures uniform current and power density, increasing gas velocity down its trapezoid plate to deliver up to 90 % more peak power, 16 % lower fuel consumption, and up to 10 times better current density uniformity.
Before joining Loop Energy, Ben spent ten years in various senior management positions and three years as Loop Energy’s VP of Operations. As President since 2015 and CEO since 2016, Ben is responsible for the company’s strategic planning, corporate leadership, market expansion, and key partner relationships. 
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