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Someone Like You

Nov 30, 2022

In this week’s episode, we welcome Dr. Geoff De Ruiter, Carbon Manager at BC Biocarbon, an innovative company that uses bio-refinery technology to manufacture biogenic products, including biochar, biocoal, wood vinegar, and more. Their mission is to massively accelerate atmospheric decarbonization via carbon removal and fossil carbon displacement. BC Biocarbon provides synergistic solutions to sectors such as farming, forestry, and municipal waste disposal operations with by-product waste streams and offers products that offset fossil fuels and other hydrocarbon-based products, providing lower emission alternatives to industries ranging from cement and steel manufacturing to food additives. The process is carbon neutral, and therefore there is no net release of C02 into the atmosphere. 
Dr. De Ruiter has a Ph.D. in bioenergy and carbon management on the topic of bio coal applications and is a proud former fellow at the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions. He is passionate about bringing social and environmental change to how we are managing carbon. 
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