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Someone Like You

Mar 6, 2024

Did you know that chemicals and fuel spills from traditional boats can harm our waters? Lack of maintenance, fuel type, and leaks can increase the pollution and the number of harmful bacteria in the marinas, affecting water health. Electrifying cars has provided a fossil free future on our roads, but what about our waterways? 

This week, join us as Marco Pimentel, our host, sits down with Mitch Lee, a mechanical engineering graduate turned CEO of Arc. Mitch began his career as a Stress Analyst on the AH-64 Apache, transitioned into software development, and eventually co-founded Arc, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing watercraft with high-performance electric boats.

Discover how Arc is leading the charge in designing, manufacturing, and distributing the next generation of watercraft and their innovative approach to integrating electric powertrains, starting with freshwater sport boats that redefine the possibilities for wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Mitch explores the journey of choosing an electric system for boats, the challenges the company faced during the prototype development, and the unique approach of doing most of the work, including in-house software development.

With Arc's mission to electrify all watercraft and reduce the environmental impact of traditional boats, Mitch shares insights into their dedication to sustainability and creating a new era for boating enthusiasts. Tune in to this electrifying conversation, where innovation meets the waves. 

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