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Someone Like You

May 29, 2024

Mike Winterfield is Founder and of Active Impact, Canada’s largest climate tech seed fund. As a seasoned entrepreneur and dedicated advocate for environmental sustainability, his career spans over two decades across software, professional recruitment, and venture capital where he has continually demonstrated his commitment to making a positive impact.

Following his role as COO at Traction on Demand and President of Traction Rec, Mike founded Active Impact. Through Active Impact Investments, he channels his passion for the environment into profitable ventures, driving sustainable solutions while delivering returns.

Prior to his groundbreaking venture with Active Impact, as President of Randstad Professionals, Mike oversaw $300M in revenue and placed thousands of individuals in pivotal roles. His expertise in enterprise sales and team building has positioned him as a leader in the field.

Mike's commitment extends beyond business; he advises accelerators like CDL Vancouver Climate and Spring Activator, and serves on the boards of Flair, RailVision, Future, and Agrology driving strategic growth and impact. 

Join us as we delve into Mike's journey, insights into environmental entrepreneurship, and his unwavering commitment to a greener future!