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Someone Like You

Sep 21, 2022

In this week’s episode, we welcome Sahar Sam, Co-Founder and CSO at Solaires Entreprises Inc. Sahar holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master’s in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Victoria. She has over 15 years of managerial experience in the industrial and academic environment and is the inventor of the fabrication process for transparent conductive films and thin-film solar cells at Solaires Entreprises Inc.
The company is developing the next generation of solar cells to make solar energy more accessible, with the goal to help Canadians achieve zero gas emissions. The revolutionizing technology is light, flexible, and highly efficient and can be installed and absorb solar energy from anywhere such as on windows, electric cars, and phones, and can even absorb light from light bulbs. Solaires technology also cuts down emissions of solar panel production by 40%. 
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