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Eternally Amy - A Sober Mom of Eight's Journey from Jail to Joy

Aug 16, 2023

In this episode of the "Eternally Amy" podcast, Amy Liz Harrison and Alysse Bryson discuss the memoir "Stash" by Laura Cathcart Robbins. The book follows Robbins' journey through addiction, her efforts to hide her pill addiction while maintaining her Hollywood lifestyle, and her path to sobriety. The hosts highlight the relatability of her experiences, her candidness about addiction, and the challenges she faces upon returning from treatment. They also talk about privilege and race, which are important parts of her story. The hosts talk about how the book's writing is interesting, how it makes them feel, and how it deals with addiction, race, family, class, and gender in a real and funny way.


In this episode, we also talked about:


  • The Balance Between Serious Topics and Lighthearted Moments

  • The Self-Discovery Process in Recovery

  • The Journey of Tearing Down Walls and Starting Over

  • How Hard It Is to Get Back to Normal Life After Treatment

  • Reflections on Treatment and Recovery Communities

  • How the Recovery Community Has Helped People Heal and Grow

  • The Power of Telling Your Own Stories to Push for Change

  • Reading Personal Stories Can Challenge Prejudices

  • Recovery and Personal Growth Need Non-linear Paths

  • Life Intentionality, Change, and Recovery Phases