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Eternally Amy - A Sober Mom of Eight's Journey from Jail to Joy

Jun 13, 2023

Amy welcomes Teacher Terrel Lefferts of Once Upon A Dance. Terrel, an accomplished author, opens up about her inspiring journey of writing over 20 captivating books alongside her daughter, all aimed at teaching young children the art of dancing.

In this episode, Terrel shares her invaluable insights and experiences gained over the past two years in the realm of writing and publishing. From navigating the intricate publishing process to honing her craft as an author, Terrel offers a wealth of knowledge to aspiring writers and dance enthusiasts alike.

Amy and Terrel delve deeper into the creative process behind developing such a vast array of books. They explore the fascinating collaboration with talented illustrators, discussing how they seamlessly blend captivating visuals with the enchanting stories to create truly unique and engaging reading experiences.

Moreover, the episode sheds light on Terrel's heartfelt commitment to making a difference through her work. Terrel and Amy discuss how they partner with various charitable organizations, dedicating each book to support a specific cause. By weaving together the worlds of art, literature, and philanthropy, Terrel and her daughter have managed to uplift communities and touch the lives of countless children. 


Hosted by Amy Liz Harrison


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