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Eternally Amy - A Sober Mom of Eight's Journey from Jail to Joy

Nov 23, 2023

In this episode of "Eternally Amy," host Amy Liz Harrison welcomes Karolina Rzadokowolska, an alcohol-free empowerment expert, bestselling author, and founder of the Empowerment AF Coach Certification Program. Karolina shares her journey from a deep party lifestyle in college to discovering her greater purpose through sobriety.

In this episode, we also talked about:

  • Empowering Lives: Amy Introduces Carolina, Alcohol-Free Living Expert

  • Navigating Shadows: Carolina's Struggle with Alcohol

  • Sober Awakening: Carolina's Dry January Transformation

  • Beyond Sobriety: Carolina's Journey to Empowerment

  • Intuitive Living: Sobriety's Impact on Self-Trust

  • Author's Triumph: Carolina Overcomes Writer's Block

  • Conscious Choices: Carolina Inspires Alcohol Reevaluation

Hosted by Amy Liz Harrison

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