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Eternally Amy - A Sober Mom of Eight's Journey from Jail to Joy

Mar 19, 2024

In this episode, Amy welcomes Jeffrey Mason, founder of Hear Your Story, a venture born out of personal grief and a desire to capture life's narratives. Through candid conversations and heartfelt anecdotes, Jeffrey shares how Hear Your Story evolved from a series of guided prompts to a global movement empowering individuals to preserve their stories. Discover the power of storytelling in bridging divides and celebrating the shared human experience.

In this episode, we also talked about:

  • Embracing Diversity: Amy highlights everyone's unique story.

  • Hear Your Story Origin: Jeffrey shares how his father's Alzheimer's inspired Hear Your Story.

  • Reflection's Power: Jeffrey explains how prompts unlock memories.

  • Deepening Connections: Jeffrey reflects on discovering untold aspects of loved ones.

  • Legacy Preservation: They stress documenting personal histories for future generations.


Hosted by Amy Liz Harrison

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