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Eternally Amy - A Sober Mom of Eight's Journey from Jail to Joy

Aug 30, 2023

In this episode of the "Eternally Amy" podcast, Amy Liz Harrison introduces her guest, Yulia, who then shares her personal journey of recovery and growth, highlighting her shift from pursuing relationships out of loneliness to seeking healthy connections based on shared values. She emphasizes the importance of asking meaningful questions to truly understand potential partners and selecting those who align with your core values. Yulia also talks about the Gottman Method and its seven rules for healthy relationships. She discusses how it shifted her perspective and provided her with the resources she required to cultivate a strong and fulfilling relationship. She suggests that if you want to make connections that last, you should not be afraid to ask for assistance, work on improving your emotional intelligence, and practice effective communication. Listen to the podcast to learn more!


In this episode, we also talked about:


  • Common Conflict & Divorce Triggers

  • Uncomfortable Money Conversations

  • Intellectual Approach to Relationships

  • Challenges of Modern Dating

  • Deepening Knowledge of Partner's Inner World

  • Nurturing Love and Positive Attention

  • Responding Positively to Bids for Connection

  • Identifying Toxic Behaviors

  • Unhealthy Control & Guilt Inducing

  • Physical & Emotional Safety

  • Balancing Acceptance and Expectations

  • Inner Work Before Dating Again

  • Healing and Reconnecting with Parents

  • Taking Responsibility in Relationships

  • Empowerment Through Personal Growth

  • Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

  • Coaching for Healthy Relationship Dynamics