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May 26, 2023

Join Natalie and Eric on a discussion on the Netflix TV series, Beef and how to manage feelings of Anger. Stay tuned at to the end to participate in a special exercise to promote relaxation (Progressive Muscle Relaxation).

Eric Koll:

Natalie Jeung:

Apr 28, 2023

How do nerdy therapists incorporate the use of video and TTRPGs in a clinical setting? How can games help promote deeper insight, personal growth, and discovery? What can clients do to build more mental resilience using their favorite games? Join our cohosts as they dive into a geek-tastic exploration of...

Feb 24, 2023

Join Natalie and Eric as they chat TTRPGs with author and game designer Rick Heinz. Rick is the author of countless game titles, has worked with Geek and Sundry, Nerdist, and is a co-founder of Storyteller's Forge. He is currently running a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign for his amazing adventure: The Black...

Feb 24, 2023

Eric and Natalie talk about leveling up your life by "gamifying your goals." Learn about some unique tools and activities you can use to max your stats, grow your brain, and get involved in the community in Chicago and nationally. 
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Jan 27, 2023

Welcome back!
After a brief break, Nerd Therapy Podcast is excited to help you welcome 2023 and all the changes this year presents. Join Natalie and Eric as they share a therapist's view of New Years Resolutions, learn how you can think like a therapist around identifying goals, setting habits, and how to make...