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Jul 28, 2023

In this episode, I talk about what the Lantern Corps from DC comics can teach us about mental health and values. The values discussed in the episode are as follows:

Inclusivity, Friendship, Adventure, Courtesy, Boldness, Health, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, Virtue, Fun, Openness, Security, Intimacy, Loving, Hard work, Authority, Honesty, Passion, Simplicity, Gentleness, Piety, Competency, Dependability, Creativity, Humor, Connection, Loyalty, Genuineness, Community, Discipline, Creation, Contribution, Autonomy, Helpfulness, Nonconformity, Respect, Knowledge, Leisure, Spirituality, Commitment, Growth, Courage, Responsibility, Tradition, Compassion, Challenge, Rationality, Peace, Problem solving, Curiosity, Ecology, Romance, Beauty, Justice


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