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Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations

Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations (APOC) is a personal journal podcast hosted by Adrian Austin, covering topics with friends, family and other people of color. The show is filled with Adrian’s personal stories along with the stories of his co-conversationalists on topics such as friendship, fatherhood, family dynamics and joy presented in an almost music album format with interludes along the way.


Sep 23, 2022

The music companion to “Everybody’s Black is Different”, this episode proves that point. Listen as Lillian, Sanjay, and Adrian share songs they added to the “Black is the new Black” playlist. There are some surprises and a bit of an overlap. Did you catch it? This playlist is turning out to be a personal...

Sep 21, 2022

In this third episode in his Race series where Adrian is exploring what Black in 2022 means, he is joined by his longtime friends Sanjay and Lillian. Both friends from various spots of the African Diaspora dealing with cultural and national alignment. Take a listen while they discuss intra-cultural dynamics and the...

Sep 16, 2022

What a beautiful and eclectic ride this episode will take you on. This playlist, Once Upon a Time, is a diverse mix of songs inspired by Isaac Asimov, Toni Morrison, and James Baldwin. Listen as Donte, Ray, and Adrian speak on the songs and music that transport them back to their favorite pages. 



Sep 14, 2022

Listen as Adrian flips through the pages of his memory and discusses his favorite book alongside row friends, Ray and Donte. A discussion that was meant to be light and fun takes a few turns but helps rekindle the imagination started from a young age. 

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