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Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations

Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations (APOC) is a personal journal podcast hosted by Adrian Austin, covering topics with friends, family and other people of color. The show is filled with Adrian’s personal stories along with the stories of his co-conversationalists on topics such as friendship, fatherhood, family dynamics and joy presented in an almost music album format with interludes along the way.


Nov 20, 2022

Inspired by Queue Points podcast’s series on the history and connection of Black people and Country Music, this episode explores Jay Ray, DJ Sir Daniel, and Adrian’s favorite country songs. Formerly “Black is for Country” this playlist mixes some classics, some modern, and some head scratchers, but all promise...

Nov 17, 2022

In this companion music episode, listen as Jay Ray, DJ Sir Daniel, and Adrian talk about the connection between gay men and divas. Who are the divas they bring to the conversation? You’ll just have to find out. 



Nov 10, 2022

What happens when you have three self proclaimed music pundits, with two podcasts, that meet to discuss their love of music? You get a fun-filled trip down music’s memory lane (at least from the late 70s until today). Listen as the Co-Hosts of Queue Points joins Adrian in discussing their first kiss with music and how...