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Sep 11, 2023

Welcome to the Shawn Bolz Show!  On today's episode, we will cover how Oliver Anthony broke the internet when famous influencers shared his song that he recorded in his backyard that became an  anthem for the everyday American. Then Joe Rogan had him on in an interview that was the most Christ centric yet for Joe. We also have an interview with one of the directors of a new technology platform for Christians which is helping churches onboard AI, texting, and many other amazing advances for free! Also, you may not have been following along with Kathy Lee Giffords extraordinary encounter with Jesus and her call for Christians especially in entertainment to actually represent their faith. She has heard a message from Jesus and has something to prophesy about it! Then get ready for my prophetic perspective and it's all about how to stay away from the trap of false prophets and false prophetic authority which seems to be littered throughout church movements and denominations right now. All of this and more on today's show! 


All of this and more on the Shawn Bolz show!

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