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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Jan 4, 2024



If you're feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to produce constant, high-quality content, then you are not alone! Many podcasters struggle to find joy and fulfillment in their work, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction. Perhaps you've been focusing on trying to increase your listener numbers or chasing after sponsorships, only to find yourself feeling more stressed and less fulfilled. Instead of enjoying the creative process, you may find yourself caught in a cycle of comparison and self-doubt, ultimately hindering your ability to find true satisfaction in your podcasting journey.

In this episode,

  • Discover the joy of serving others through podcasting.

  • Embrace the latest trends in podcasting for

  • Uncover the power of storytelling in podcasting.

  • Prioritize your audience's needs for podcasting success.

  • Find fulfillment and joy in your podcasting journey.

What I want you to start thinking about is what brings you joy. How can you serve? How can you show up? How can you spread your message?