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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

May 9, 2024

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Feeling stuck in a podcast rut? Struggling to find the spark to keep your show going? What if I told you there's a surprising way to overcome podfade that you probably haven't considered? It's not about pushing through the burnout or forcing yourself to keep recording. There's a different approach, a game-changer that can reignite your passion for podcasting. Intrigued?

We are joined by Brenda Johnston, subconsious strategist, that will help us understansd the power of podcasting, our energy, and serving others. 

Brenda stuggled with podfade and with a few tweaks is showing up and LOVING her podcast again. You can love your show again too!

 Stay with me, because I'm about to share an unexpected strategy that will have you excited to hit that record button again. It's time to break free from the podfade cycle and rediscover the joy of creating content.

 Ready to breathe new life into your podcast? Let's dive into this game-changing solution togethe