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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Sep 13, 2022

Focusing on the wrong number could be leaving you broke as a joke.

What to focus on to Make Money From your Podcast!

No more slaves to marketing. It's time to make growing your business easy! 

... NOW... However,
Based on trends, it's actually January (according to one of my big-time mentors, Cathy), when all of us HUMANs are wanting to IMPROVE for the new year.
What this means... is RIGHT NOW is the time to DECIDE to use your podcast to GROW your business and share your MAGIC in the world.
How long do you see movie trailers before they release?
With the right planning, you can launch, grow, and monetize in the first few months!
Leave your LEGACY through Podcasting!
Rise as an ambassador to humans... help them feel free to share their own stories!
Are you ready to get your Podcast GAME ON?
The best time is now!
Are you going to join us next week in the Profit from your Soul-Led Podcast 3-Day Mastermind... It's FREE and you will walk away with a 30-DAY plan to get your foundations READY for the January launch.
And know we won't HUSTLE ourselves out of a great holiday this year... SLOW, Intensioanl BUILD, and the courage to BE YOU and Be PAID TO BE YOU!