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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Mar 28, 2023

On a journey to overcome fear, discover clarity, and take action to resuscitate their podcast and business, allowing them to become profit-generating magnets and find success.

I learned about the importance of Clarity: finding & honoring priorities (DAY 1 Profitable Podcast Bootcamp) from Jen, a podcast sherpa who has multiple clients in the top ten and produces 20+ episodes a week. She explained that if you don't focus on one person and monetize your small audience, your podcast will die. She also highlighted that fear can cause us to remain in figure-out mode and not take action. Jen emphasized that success loves action and that we should take quick, messy action to move forward.

"Success loves action. If you just sit in planning mode, that's not action."

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Discover how to go from zero to six figures in podcasting with the right strategies.
2. Find out how to break the overwhelm cycle and prevent “podfade.”
3. Uncover the truth about overnight success and learn how to take quick, messy action for success.


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It's time to Give your Podcast some CPR and start Profiting from your show

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This is where we GO deep and figure out where you are misaligned with your messaging, your delivery, and your audience. This is where most podcasts FALL short and hit that stage spot and PODFADE.


Content creation will be a BREEZE! Don't think you don't need this day! Your Soul Aligned Magnetic Magic Message to your PERFECT CLIENTS. Crafting your magnetic soul-connected content with EASE


We got to get a return on our time investment right? Getting into the F.L.O. to monetize your Magic Legacy Offers.

Day 4- BEST PRACTICES for Podcast selling.

This is how you can take all that juicy goodness you give on your show and sell without being SKEEZY. Serve and be rewarded.

DAY 5. Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching.

Make sure all your questions get an answer. This is your time to "pick my brain" for free


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We start soon. Grab your FREE SEAT here. Seats are limited. JOIN TODAY!


Chapter Summaries:

Powell: We're going to resuscitate your business and turn it into a profit-generating magnet for this new quarter. He is producing 27 episodes a week between his shows and his client shows. If you have other opinions, I want to know them.
If you are pushing something that is out of alignment, your show is going to die. Discover who you are and what you really actually want for building your course and a podcast. You've got to be clear and not so scared of leaving some people behind. And I truly want to be that cure for pod fade.
Jen: Take a stand, make it easy, scalable, and give up the hustle. This is my fifth podcast. Most people that you're seeing online that are having success, it's very rare that it's snap. Highlighted real should be highlight real.
Issue number two is fear. You need to go all in. If your boat has a hole in it, duct tape. Once you're clear, it's easy to create content. Fear keeps you in figure out mode, not messy action mode.
A workbook helps you find your theme for your show and your legacy. It helps you create your pitch and it allows you to keep yourself in check. If you are a jack of all trades on your show, it will fizzle out. You need to get in front of other audiences.
Start with your priorities. What's important to you? Time, money, health. What feelings do you want to feel? Don't forget about the small things like being social. Get out of the stinking office and to go to a cowork space at least once a week.
Entrepreneurship is the best personal development that you will ever have. You can blend this into your business. There's a lot of this coming back to self and understanding self. Having little reminders like on my desk I've got like, you are enough.
Jason: Getting people from social media, from the Metaverse to podcasting is a lot of work. How does this help with content growth and making money? Boom.
Get clear on your priorities, your past struggles and your wins. Tomorrow we're going to start creating more of this foundation and this profits. On the agenda tomorrow is the peas one person, your one passion play pleasure and fun and your podcast. I am excited to see you tomorrow.