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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Apr 11, 2023

When Dave Jackson began his podcasting journey, he never expected to have such a profound effect on his listeners. But through sharing his journey with the world, he created connections and an unexpected sense of purpose. Little did he know that one of these connections would be a life-saving one.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  1. Discover how audience perception influences podcasters' motivation and success.
  2. Uncover the therapeutic benefits of podcasting while building strong communities. 
  3. Develop authentic and relatable podcast content that resonates with your audience. 
  4. Leverage your podcast as a digital resume and powerful networking tool. 
  5. Master strategies to overcome podfade and maintain a long-term commitment to your podcast.

Podcasting for Therapy

Podcasting offers numerous therapeutic benefits for both creators and listeners. Sharing experiences, discussing issues, and connecting with like-minded people can lead to personal growth and healing. Utilizing podcasting as an outlet to openly express thoughts and feelings can be a valuable coping mechanism for both the creator and their audience. Dave Jackson highlights the power of podcasting to help connect individuals through shared experiences and interests. Jackson treats his podcast, Building a Better Dave, as his therapy where he shares content without a rigid schedule, choosing to create episodes when he feels emotionally compelled. He emphasizes that podcasting is more than just a way to generate income; it can provide a sense of purpose, and personal growth, and even help save lives. Jackson stresses that delivering impactful messages to the audience, regardless of size, is a reward in itself.

The Value of 22 Downloads

Understanding the value of one's audience, regardless of size, is essential in podcasting. Recognizing the significance of even a small number of listeners can be the key to personal satisfaction and motivation for podcasters. Engaging with an audience, even if it consists of only a few dozen people, can still produce meaningful connections and have a positive impact on those who tune in regularly.

 In this episode, Dave Jackson urges podcasters to appreciate the importance of each listener, as they contribute to the podcast's overall purpose and success. During the conversation, Jackson emphasizes that having a podcast audience of merely 22 individuals is still significant, comparing it to having a full classroom focused on the content being shared. By prioritizing the quality of connections and the value each listener brings, podcasters can maintain their determination to deliver valuable content for their audience, regardless of its size.


How Podcasting Can Connect You with the Right People

One of the most powerful aspects of podcasting is the ability to connect with others. For podcasters, this can translate to networking opportunities, building relationships with industry experts, and even opening doors to new career paths. Leveraging one's podcast content as a digital resume showcases the creator's expertise to potential future collaborators, employers, and partners. In this episode, Dave Jackson shares his personal experience with podcasting, which led to his being hired three times and provided him with opportunities to travel globally. By treating one's podcast as a digital resume, creators can demonstrate their expertise and create connections that positively impact their professional lives.


My special guest is Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson, an experienced podcaster, educator, and mentor, has a unique perspective on the therapeutic and community-building aspects of podcasting. Dave is known for his ability to connect with his audience through humor, personal anecdotes, and a deep understanding of the podcasting industry. With a background in teaching, he is passionate about helping others find their voice and create meaningful connections with their audience. Through his podcasting journey, Dave has developed a strong sense of the importance of authenticity and vulnerability in creating lasting connections with listeners. His insights will undoubtedly inspire and resonate with podcasters seeking both personal growth and a sense of community.



Key takeaways:

  • Save emails from listeners who express gratitude or appreciation for your podcast in a Gmail folder to revisit during times of doubt or discouragement.

  • Reflect on the impact your podcast has on your audience by remembering specific stories of how your podcast has positively affected your listeners.

  • Focus on the personal connections and relationships you form through podcasting, rather than solely on the number of downloads or ad revenue.

  • Share your own personal stories and experiences on your podcast to connect with your audience and provide inspiration.

  • Allow yourself to be authentic and genuine in your podcast, while also being mindful of removing fluff or unnecessary content.

  • Experiment with different podcast formats or segments to keep your audience engaged and entertained.

  • Use your podcast as a platform to showcase your skills and expertise, potentially leading to job opportunities or collaborations.

  • Be open to feedback from your listeners and continue to evolve and improve your podcast based on their input.