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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

May 30, 2023

When Dave Jackson, School of Podcasting,  pointed out the difference between a dull and an engaging episode title, I was shocked to discover the power of those first few words in capturing an audience's attention. Little did I know that this revelation would lead to a dramatic increase in my podcast's reach and engagement - and a newfound mission to help others find the same success.

The Importance of Episode Titles
In the world of podcasting, the first impression is often made through your episode titles. These are essential for grabbing the attention of potential listeners and enticing them to click on your show. The right episode title can make all the difference between someone choosing to explore your podcast or scrolling past it in search of something more engaging. Therefore, it is necessary to put thought and effort into crafting attractive and effective titles that pique the interest of potential listeners and convey the essence of each episode. During a discussion with podcasting expert Dave Jackson, Jennifer Dragonette highlighted the importance of creating impactful titles for her podcast episodes. She realized that she was missing out on crucial opportunities to bring in new listeners and make her podcast more discoverable simply because her episode titles were not optimized. Jennifer's conversation with Dave underscored the need to prioritize this essential aspect of podcasting to boost listener attraction and ultimately drive the show's success.

Don't Assume Everyone Knows Your Guests
When crafting podcast episode titles, it's important not to assume that all potential listeners will already know who your guests are, as this can lead to missed opportunities for attracting a wider audience. Titles that put the focus solely on the guest's name may not be sufficient to pique the curiosity of those who are unfamiliar with your guest's work or expertise. Incorporating more information about the topic or guest's area of expertise can make your episode titles more engaging and informative. Jennifer Dragonette understands the importance of putting the spotlight on the content rather than just listing the guest's name in the episode title. By incorporating relevant details about the topic, she ensures that her listeners know what they can expect to gain from each episode. This approach ensures that even those who aren't familiar with her guests are enticed to give an episode a listen, thereby expanding her podcast's reach.

Key takeaways from this episode are:

  • Stop using the entire word episode in your title.

  • Make sure the juiciest content is in the first six or seven words of your podcast title.

  • Utilize keyword research tools such as Google Trends, Google Ads, and Capshow Chat GBT to help create effective titles.

  • Be mindful that not everyone will know your guest, so avoid using only their name in the title.

  • Reevaluate your current podcast titles and make changes for better visibility.

  • Sign up for a free 30-minute podcast CPR audit with Jennifer Dragonette at

  • Listen to the episode about hooks versus intros and consider making changes to your podcast introduction.