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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

May 11, 2023

The Empowerography podcast is a movement that has been built on the idea of uplifting and supporting women through sharing their stories. Brad, the boudoir photographer who created this podcast, wanted to create a space where women could share their stories and inspire others. The Empowerography podcast is more than just a podcast; it’s a movement and Brad's purpose for being on this planet.

In this episode, Brad shares some of the key moments he's experienced through the podcast. Initially, Brad reached out to seven or eight friends in the photography and makeup industry to let him interview them, and they agreed to help him get the podcast off the ground. Sadly, he had to shelve the podcast when his photography business picked up traction. However, due to the pandemic, he reignited the idea and began reaching out to women on Instagram to share their stories.

The response to Brad’s request for interviewees was incredible, and he has built a beautiful community through the platform. Brad celebrates three years of the podcast and believes that he has found his purpose in creating this platform and community. The speaker is always looking for inspiring women to feature on their podcasts. They encourage women to get on their platforms and share their stories.

Brad talks about how he's interviewed over 400 women. He pulls inspiration from every one of those stories and has forged relationships and friendships with some of his guests. Helping women to share their stories is one of the best parts of Brad's podcasting journey.

Brad believes that podcasting is not easy, and sometimes it's hard to know if your podcast is reaching anyone. However, getting positive feedback/messages from listeners is a beautiful thing, and it takes a lot of work to build an audience and grow a platform. You have to find your "why," your purpose, and your community to keep going. Patience is key, and it takes time to see results, but it's essential not to give up.

Brad shares the importance of numbers in podcasting, and how consistent listenership is key. Even big-name podcasters must invest in the back-end work to maintain a professional appearance and retain listenership. While over-editing is not necessary, some editing is crucial for a successful podcast.

About Brad

Brad Walsh, is first and foremost, I am a father to two beautiful girls aged 21 and 23, a husband to an amazingly inspiring woman, a photographer, a published #1 International Best Selling Author and a podcast host/producer who found himself wanting to inspire others during the pandemic. He birthed the idea of EMPOWEROGRAPHY as a platform to highlight strong, inspired, and dynamic women to share their stories of success, triumph, resiliency and transformation. He had no idea that what started as a simple concept would take on a life of its own.


Brad is so excited to share this platform with you and continue to EMPOWER, ELEVATE and EDUCATE by amplifying the voices of women all over the world. So please join him in spreading the word about this mission/collective/movement that he is creating to help provide a platform for women to help empower and inspire other women out there in the world.


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[00:00:53] "Boudoir photographer creates podcast empowering women"

[00:05:30] "Natural Progression: Photography to Podcasting Journey"

[00:07:34] "Podcaster Shares Why Empowering Women Is His Purpose"

[00:13:22] "Women's Stories of Resilience and Courage"

[00:18:23] "Building Relationships & Empowering Women Through Podcasting"

[00:20:57] "The Challenges and Rewards of Podcasting"

[00:23:01] "Focus on Impact, not Numbers: Podcast Advice"

[00:27:11] "Find Your Why: The Key to Successful Podcasting"

[00:28:41] "Transform your podcast workflow with Descript tool"

[00:31:23] "Join Inspiring Women Series: Share Your Story!"