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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Feb 28, 2023

"Grow your audience and build faith-based relationships with these powerful SEO strategies!"

In this episode with Faith Hanan, you will learn:
1. How to use SEO to organically grow your business
2. Strategies for repurposing a podcast into a blog
3. Tips for utilizing keywords to improve your website’s visibility

If you are struggling to generate leads? We are talking about what you ACTUALLY need to focus on for the RIGHT website traffic and grow your podcast!

Faith's Ingredient to the cure for pod fade, "You need to know your why and you need to know your why at a deep, deep level."

Get to know Faith:

Faith is a Jesus lover, wife, barrel racer, worship leader, accidental SEO expert, copywriter, podcaster, and wrangler of tiny humans. 

She podcasts over at Simple SEO & Marketing, where she shares shoot-ya-straight, VERY practical tips on how to SCALE your online business using SEO, Keywords, and blogging. 

Faith is a firm believer that business and Christianity should always intersect, SEO shouldn’t require a Harvard degree, and that horse hair and dog hair are a legit part of any good day.

Faith Hanan is a podcast host and content creator who loves to break down complex topics into simple, understandable terms. She specializes in SEO and marketing and has seen her business grow six-fold since June 2020.

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