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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Aug 1, 2023

About Larry Wilsom: 
I've lived an extraordinary life, traveling the world, appearing onstage and on television, working with the most successful people in entertainment. And I began to see that they all had ONE thing in common-- they were Master Communicators. I learned a secret from each of them and used these techniques to get everything I wanted out of life. It wasn't until Prof. Alan Oppenheim at M.I.T. hired me to teach grad students improved communication that I was convinced I had something valuable to share.
I created Wilson Method training at Prof. Oppenheim's urging and I now teach these skills to people all over the world.

KEY POINT: Talent is NOT required. It's all technique, which means anyone can learn and master it.

RESULTS IN REAL TIME: I will teach your audience simple techniques they can employ immediately to transform their lives, both professionally and personally.
It's the home of Wilson Method where they can find so much more to improve their communication skills at little to no cost.