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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Dec 27, 2022

FREE 5-Day Podcast C.P.R. Bootcamp  DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF A MAGNETIC PODCAST Learn how to tune out the chaos of strategies that are overwhelming, exhausting, and that feel skeezy. Trade in your hours and hours on Social Media finding your people to ATTRACT your ideal client with ease. Your story is your KEY to SUCCESS. And audio is the best way to share it!

Don't waste another year wishing you had started a podcast. It's still the wild wild west and with a little strategy, you can have fun and flow in your magnetic marketing for your Soul-Aligned Business.  Get PAID TO BE YOU! REGISTER TODAY FOR FREE BEFORE SEATS ARE FILLED!


This 5-Day Bootcamp is all you need to give your BUSINESS a LITTLE C.P.R.

This is for the soul-led business owner ready to launch a podcast AND the podcaster sick of not growing.

THE CRAZY THING is both Parties come with the same STRATEGY ISSUE which in turn leads to burnout and SADLY PodFad to the Podcast Graveyard!

These 5-Days you will go deep into your foundations, and learn tips, tools, and tricks to make podcasting easy so you can finally magnetize those IDEAL (PAYING) clients into your FUNNEL as HOT LEADS!

It starts with leading with LOVE, SERVICE, and YOU! JOIN US TODAY