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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Mar 29, 2023

Struggling to launch a profitable podcast and reignite their passion for podcasting. An overwhelmed podcaster must confront their ego if they want to grow. To cure podfade, you must audit your podcast with SEO-driven content and understand your listener's journey. You will learn the foundations you need to focus on to quickly grow your podcast when launching your first one.

I learned that Podcast Foundations are the most important area you must fix if you want to grow your show!


Finding the right foundation for your podcast is the key to growing it. Understanding your passion, play, profits, and people, as well as understanding your problem, client avatar, and showcasing your solution are all essential. Understanding the keywords your listeners are using to search for help is essential. Ask for help if you don't understand SEO. As you learn more about your podcast journey, it is important to be flexible and allow yourself to grow and develop.

"Play allows for creativity and if you want to grow fast, you've got to have the ones - one person, one purpose and one playful mission!"

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Discover the key to unlocking profitable podcast success and preventing "podfade".
2. Find out why play is an essential part of your business plan.
3. Uncover the secrets of SEO optimization to reap the rewards of your podcast.


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It's time to Give your Podcast some CPR and start Profiting from your show

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This is where we GO deep and figure out where you are misaligned with your messaging, your delivery, and your audience. This is where most podcasts FALL short and hit that stage spot and PODFADE.


Content creation will be a BREEZE! Don't think you don't need this day! Your Soul Aligned Magnetic Magic Message to your PERFECT CLIENTS. Crafting your magnetic soul-connected content with EASE


We got to get a return on our time investment right? Getting into the F.L.O. to monetize your Magic Legacy Offers.

Day 4- BEST PRACTICES for Podcast selling.

This is how you can take all that juicy goodness you give on your show and sell without being SKEEZY. Serve and be rewarded.

DAY 5. Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching.

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We start soon. Grab your FREE SEAT here. Seats are limited. JOIN TODAY!