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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Jan 17, 2023

Fear of failure and imposter syndrome threatens the success of brave entrepreneurs as they attempt to regain control and make their podcast a profitable venture.

"Money is energy. There's an energetic exchange, and it's something we put a value on. And I want you to just think of money as your best friend."

Money and pricing were struggles in my business, which left me feeling unsafe. To help my clients with the same issue, I created a money series on my podcast. As part of my advice, I discussed the importance of clarity, people, and revenue. 

Even with a small audience, it is possible to make money from a podcast. Focus on your offer and create content that can move your listeners down the sales funnel and become warm or hot prospects. Anyone can make money from their podcast with the right strategy and focus.

Money is an energy exchange, and it is safe to be abundant and charge for our services. A healthy money mindset combined with a significant offer and a micro niche show is crucial to the fastest growth and success of podcasts. 

Ways to Make Money from Your Show: Sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing, Coaching, Courses, Product. Then work backward and create a sales funnel 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. What is the potential for making money from a podcast?
  2. How can you find a micro niche to attract sponsors?
  3. What is the signature offer process for establishing your podcast?

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Chapter Summaries:

Money is a hard topic. Money makes a lot of people feel unsafe. I want you to just think of money as your best friend. You need to get a hold of that inner peace with money to be successful. How do we plan a podcast with money in mind?
Every podcast, every podcaster, every person has different goals. Take a while to build. This is not going to give you the ego hit that social media is. It's a slower build. It doesn't mean that you can't profit from the beginning.
It's possible with the right strategy, but I want you to think about what is the goal of your podcast. Is your podcast your sales funnel? Number two, your goal for your podcast is to serve a wider audience. Find a way, find a payment plan.
What's your real goal for your podcast? I would rather have 100 listeners every episode that listen to my entire episode than 10,000 downloads an episode where no one's buying. 88% of podcasters don't make money from their show and it doesn't have to be you. The biggest issue is you have not established your thing.
So pick one offer that you truly want to go from your show. For me on my carrier for Pod Fade show, I chose to go with launch for a while. Those all led into my do it yourself course. But I always want you to be thinking offer first if your goal was to make money.
That brings us to Signature offer. Come up with that one signature offer that you want to offer through your show. Until you're to a certain point, one on one is more important. I do recommend, if possible, having a signature Offer that is open enrollment.
My signature process is what I call my deity method. CPR fits into deity because it's clarity, people, revenue. So deconstruct your signature offer and start thinking about it in pieces. The biggest issue is that podcast focus, not on offer focus.
If you truly do the session, this boot camp, you will be able to have almost everything you need, except for my eyes on your specific business. What I offer, I overdeliver. You need to get really good at storytelling. Offering baby step wins.
podcasting is not just a business strategy. It truly will help you with your self confidence. That's why I love my Feed Your Business With Love show. It was still bringing in 90% of my business.
Jenn: What is your customer's journey? How do they find your podcast? What do they get per episode? What's going to keep them coming back? The stages along their journey are going to be that micro content. The third step and your hot lead becomes your clients.
Discover, embody, inform, and inspire. Transform your legacy. What's one step that you can create micro content for? For me, the discover process is huge. The transform and the transaction process ishuge. Those are the two that I spend the most time on.
Tomorrow, we're going to talk about podcast selling without feeling skeezy. It's selling without being squeeze. There's a way to do it. This will be good for you whether you have your own show or you're getting on those collabs.