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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft | Beyond the Downloads

Sep 12, 2023

If you're feeling frustrated and misunderstood every time you try to communicate your thoughts and feelings, only to be met with confusion and conflict, then you are not alone! Perhaps you find yourself using harsh words or shutting down emotionally, hoping to get your point across, but it only results in more tension and resentment. Instead of achieving understanding and connection, you may be experiencing a widening communication gap that leaves you feeling isolated and unheard.


Meet Valeria Grunbaum

No one is born a salesperson… but every business owner should be one.

Without sales, there is no business. It’s that simple. Yet, over the years I have met countless business owners who don’t consider themselves salespeople. Some might even say they dislike it, or weren’t born to do sales. However, the real problem is not often a true distaste for it—it’s a lack of knowhow. I know this because I’ve been stuck in the same mindset. But it was only when I embraced the importance of sales and started developing my own process with some outside help that I started closing the multi-million-dollar deals that have shaped my success. This process can be applied to any industry, and I’m here to share that process with other entrepreneurs.

Connect with  Valeria

IG: @valeriagrunbaum