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Your Podcast is Someone's Life Raft: Impact & Income through Storytelling

Jun 21, 2022

Podcasting has been on the rise, and more than ever before in the last two years. Does this mean it’s oversaturated? No. Everyone is trying to use social media to boost their business, but using a podcasting platform will allow you to find yourself and nail down what you want to be doing to boost your confidence and creativity while connecting with more people. If you’re going to grow your knowledge and get in front of people with instant authority, podcasting is the way to go. It’s an extension of your personality and the greatest asset you can have for your business.   

Join the conversation with your host Jenn Dragonette as she shares all things about having a podcast, being on a podcast, and why podcasting can be an excellent solution for your business.  

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In This Episode, You Will Learn About: 

[00:32] What for you in today’s episode

[00:51] Making your podcast your greatest asset 

[02:18] Find yourself in a forgiving way through podcasting

[02:38] Using podcasting to appear in front of people with instant authority

[03:12] Podcasting as a medium of learning without filters

[06:00] The importance of knowing and planning your content 

[06:51] Scheduling time and developing a successful podcast 

[08:19] Podcasting with an intention

[10:01] Aligning your mindset and intuition into your business model

[12:18] You don’t have to be a host to use podcasting as an asset for your business

[14:40] Being heard, building connections, and promoting yourself

[16:31] Know your why and own who you’re unapologetically

[17:21] How to connect and hang out with us