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Hello Playdate Podcast

Oct 25, 2022

Hello, Playdate Community!

This week, Nick and Don continue to soldier on while Ryan changes lives elsewhere.  This week in his spot we are joined by Pulp-dev George Banks of fat nose games, discussing his newly released first game 'Along Came a Spider', as well as news, recent indie releases and the Indie Games of the Week.  Spoiler discussion for 'Along Came a Spider' begins at (46:00)

Please forgive the audio quality and flow.  We battled sound issues and Xfinity connection problems all evening.  Huge thanks to George Banks for his patience as we worked through them.

Join us here each week as we examine all of the Season Pass games, as well as discussing news and indie finds from the Playdate community.


Indie Games of the Week:

Indie Inventory (33:36) :


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