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Hello Playdate Podcast

Aug 2, 2023

Hello Playdate Community!

This week, Nick, Ryan, Don shake things up with lots of news, tons of the new games to chat about in Indie Inventory, and DRILL DEEP with our Pixel Panel game of the week - Core Fault by SquidGod and davemakes!  The sun is setting on the Fun in the Sun Bundle soon, so hop on it ASAP! Thanks for listening!

Join us here every other week as we examine all of the Season Pass games, as well as discussing news and indie finds from the Playdate community.

News/Links: (00:10:53)

Indie Inventory: (00:39:40)

Pixel Panel: (00:43:15)

  • Core Fault by SquidGod and davemakes
  • Dots by indutny is our next selection


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