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Hello Playdate Podcast

Mar 26, 2024

Hello Playdate Community!

This week, Nick, Ryan, and Don have a lot of news to talk about! Nick gives a lesson on what bringing Swift to Playdate means, Ryan talks line weight and we all talk plumbing. You'll also find our regular round-up of news, new releases, and more...Thanks for listening and joining us every other week!


Indie Inventory: (00:31:50)

Pick of the Week: (00:39:31)

  • Water Flow by Torsten Kramer
  • BREAKING NEWS - Between recording and publishing Torsten Kramer pushed an update with these features: B for speed change, 4 new levels, use crank to scroll through Top 10 in Endless highscore list, edited How to Play, info window explaining the new tiles before a level!
  • Next Pick of the Week is Fore! Track by Matt Sephton


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